Survival and Primitive
y Skills School

First Survival and Primitive Skills School from Chile, founded in 2004 by Walter A. Matthews, S.E.R.E.
Instructor and Chilean Marine (Retired).

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Survival Classes

Survival 1 "First Response"

This level, provides the necessary knowledge and skills, to be able to face the first moments in the nature and remain in well physical and psychological conditions, by applying basic survival techniques. The general purpose is to set the conditions to be located and rescued in the shortest possible time.

Survival 2 "Explorer"

This level, provides the necessary knowledge and skills to survive in the nature, obtaining from it some essential elements during a survival situation. The general purpose is to develop in a better way in the nature, with safety and being proactive and more self- reliant.

Survival 3 "Challenger"

This level will test the knowledge and skills as a survivor, within a natural environment with changes of terrain scenarios terrain and under some stress
levels that allows him to check his abilities under critical or extreme situations.