Pablo Andrade

- Instructor -

Pablo is a Chilean Marine born in Santiago and who at an early age moved to Puerto Aysén, Chilean Patagonia, where he grew up and lived his teenage full of adventures through the rivers, hills and glaciers typical of that wonderful region of southern Chile.

In 1998 he joined the Chilean Marine Corps, where he has attened a series of courses, such as Exploration, Cartography, Survival, in addition to other parallel courses, such as “First Responder”.

Due to his personal and professional conditions, he was sent to the United States for two years, where he served at Camp Pendleton of the US Marines Corps, as a member of the Special Operations Training Group and becoming an Instructor in different areas such as Mountain and use of insertion resources:

Some of his certifications in the United States are Mountain Rescue; Ropes Master; Helicopters Special Operations; Combat Climber.