Yocelyn Price


This dynamic and enthusiastic woman, is a Master and Ph.D. in Nursing, was born in Santiago and began her love for the outdoor world as a Girl Guide (Scouts) from 8 to 18 years old.

She studied Nursing at the Austral University of Chile and moved to the city of Valdivia, and then returned to Santiago in 2000, continuing her training and obtaining the academic degrees of Magister and Doctor (Ph.D.) in Nursing.

In 2013 she became an Officer of the Naval Reserve of the Chilean Navy.

In 2018 she began her training in the Survival and Primitive Skills School, first as a student of our courses and later, due to her great professional quality and area of competencies, she joined as a First Aid Instructor at Remotes Areas .

Some of her National and International Certifications are, Medical Management In Natural Disaster (Japan); Instructor C4 (Combat Cassualty Care Course); Instructor NAEMT, Inclusive Risk Management implementation INGRID-H, PAHO (Mexico); Didactic And Evaluative Strategies For Meaningful Learning UNAB.