Jorge Farfán was born in Santiago and serves for 21 years in the Chilean Marine Corps. Since childhood he had the hobby of going backpacking and enjoying outdoors life. This is how at the young age of 12, he made his first solo trekking, a prize he got as a result
of his responsibility by taking his hobby as something serious, not without the setbacks of those who begin to experience life in nature .

As a marine, he became a Special Forces Operator and once retired from active duty, he attended other specialization courses, such as primitive fire techniques, Wilderness First Responder and Master Leave No Trace at NOLS, Mountain Guide at Chilean Mountain and Climbing School. He also worked as a Tactical Shooting Instructor in Central America and the Middle East, High Speed Boat Instructor in Southeast Africa and Underwater Demolitions for Commercial Divers in Chile.

Jorge worked teaching students of Ecotourism and Adventure Tourism career at DUOC University in Valparaíso where awarded as one of the best teachers performance.
He is currently is also a Risk Prevention Technician.